Mary Ellen Gervais, PhD, RN, CCM

Chief Clinical Officer & Partner

Mary Ellen is the Chief Clinical Officer for Switchbridge, LLC.  She is a Registered Nurse with more than 20 years of care management experience.  Her Ph.D. in Health-related Science from Virginia Commonwealth University focused on health administration with particular focus on the effective and meaningful practice of care management. 

Throughout her Doctoral and Master of Nursing programs she studied outcomes research and measurements.  Professionally, Mary Ellen has developed and refined a nursing practice model, called Personal Health Management, that focuses on integrated support for individuals across the continuum of need from acute care through to lifestyle support and surrounding episodes of illness.  This model has resulted in major accomplishments for all stakeholders in the support of health:  Patients, payors, carriers, and the personal health nurses themselves.  

Previously, as Executive Vice President of Conifer Health Solutions, Mary Ellen oversaw a medical management department of 300 nurses with an annual revenue of over $36 million.  To ensure ongoing quality, she was instrumental in the development of an integrated, evidence-based care management system that provided data-driven actions to direct high-quality care management interventions.  As a result of this approach and care management tools, participants realized improvement in behavioral and clinical outcomes and clients realized improved financial trends.

Mary Ellen has presented regionally and nationally on medical management outcomes and has published on outcome-driven care management, data-driven care management, and other topics.